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Truffle Trust Farm Newsletter ... Our mailing list is offered to keep you informed as we begin and expand our business.

If you subscribe to this newsletter, initially you will only receive an occasional (very, very seldom) notice of such things as major building steps completed or significant problems we encounter.

Note that we will continue to post construction information on our website, and pictures and crop availability through the TTF Farm Facebook page. This is just another option to stay informed without having to look up our website or follow our Facebook page. Hopefully we will add much more interesting information as the business evolves .

Our email list is maintained through "MailChimp" (free for very small businesses). That is the only place your email is maintained by us. Your email will never be sold or given away by us to anyone for any purpose. And you can unsubscribe at any time and, of course, each email we send you will include the unsubscribe link.

Have a great day!!!

Bob & Steph

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