We found a single tea seed on one of our tea plants this winter! The live tea plants that were placed in the orchard came back pretty well this summer after losing almost all of their leaves last year. Only one of the plants gave up the effort. As I have previously mentioned, many of the tea plants showed large areas of their leaves turning brown. After having the plants tested, no bacteria or virus was found, reinforcing the suggestion that the plants were simply suffering from sunscald.

So this past summer I put a heavy shade cloth over the pants and they responded very well with very dark and rich colored leaves. Unfortunately, I left the shade cover on too long without allowing the plants to adjust, and they did not start to set flowers or seeds until almost winter weather.

I have still not managed to find a better germination method than the foamed glass beads that I am currently using. The pipe method trialed earlier was a fairly complete failure so the quest continues.

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