Hoping to save a few bucks on the solar panel install, I opted to dig all of the trenches and place all of the conduits for the ground mount array. The distance from the array to the house meter was just over 600 feet.

As long as I was renting a trencher I decided to install conduit for electric and ethernet lines, and a 3/4" water line running from the new barn out into the "truffle" trees and down to the creek on the other side of the array. I used the solar array trenches from the barn to the array and then added the sections into the stand of Fir trees and down to the creek.

I also added trenches from the Aqua house to the sunken aisle site and the first hoop house to run both water and electric between them. All of the conduit, electric lines, ethernet lines and water lines have been laid although the ends have not yet been connected or finished.

I'll install 4x4 posts at each end point - one run from the barn to a spot just adjacent to the solar panels; a run from the panels to the end of the field next to the creek; another run from the panels to the south end of the truffle tree stand; and finally a run from the south end to the north end of the truffle tree stand. The electric lines will power the POE IP cameras, a few lights, etc. Cat6 runs to each point as well as a 3/4" water line. The Aqua house trenches will have the same utilities plus a 4" water line to distribute the fish water.

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