The latest tea seeds we purchased from Camellia Forest on the East Coast do not seem nearly as viable as prior seeds sourced from them, even though the prior seeds were older. The most viable are the Camellia sinensis "China" seeds.

2017 "China" seeds : 73 out of 100 ... 73% germination
2017 "Lipton" seeds : 46 out of 100 ... 46% germination
2017 "Small Leaf" seeds : 32 out of 100 ... 32% germination
2017 "Large Leaf" seeds : 2 out of 100 ... 2% germination

Out of 400 seeds purchased for $266.00 we have had about 38% germinate (at about $1.73 per seed) since the 18th of May, or over about 54 days. Little hope that more than one or two more will germinate.

We attended Earth Day at Thyme Gardens near Alsea, Oregon.

While there we purchased four, one-gallon pots of hops that are two years old. They only had five available. We bought two Chinook, one Centennial, and one Liberty.

They didn't have rhizomes available except online, so once home we ordered two Zeus and two Magnum rhizomes from Thyme Gardens. We also ordered two Nugget, two Cascade and another Centennial rhizome from Freshops in Kings Valley.

We tilled up a grass strip just south of the Aqua house, then worked it over with a broadfork, and finally tilled it a second time to chop most of the grass.

We planted all of the hops along that row spacing them about three feet apart with a spadeful of composted soil in each hole. Once they mature we hope they will add some shade to the Aqua house during mid to late summer.

We also continued installing electrical/ethernet posts and water hydrants in the truffle trees and out in the fields.

We are also still attempting to get an interactive contour map so we can start planning the layout of the hillside above the house where we will put out tea trees.

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