Radishes are easy and quick to mature, and taste like summer even in spring!

We built a simple trellis for our thirteen hop plants we started this year. We used eight-foot metal field fence posts with eight-foot 2x2's zip tied to them. As all of the hops are new this year we don't expect them to reach full height as their root system matures, but this we will be able to extend the height to about 12 feet if needed.

We also did a bit of work on the water, electric and ethernet connections running out into the field, the truffle trees, and over to the creek.

The live tea plants we bought from Camellia Forest are still doing fairly well, with about 13 out of fifteen still surviving. Due to a fair amount of 'sunburn', last summer I covered the hoops with a piece of black plastic that pretty much kept any of them from receiving any direct sunlight. All of the tea plants seemed happy with that, but then only one flowered and produced a single seed, that was summarily eaten by some critter :-). So this summer I installed a forty-percent (40%) sunshade cloth. So far, so good.

The remainder of the tea plants in the poly bags in the winter box still look good.

The new seeds purchased from Camellia Forest (those that actually split) were planted in cone-tainers and have begun to sprout.

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