We finished transplanting the last seventy-five tea plants that we had placed in the poly bags. We interspersed them with the plants grown from seed in the ground from last fall. This gives us a total of just under two hundred two-year-old plants in the ground.

Our hops appear to be maturing nicely. Having never grown or harvested them before, we are trying to rely upon online sources of tips to decide when to harvest. We have seven varieties including Chinook, Liberty, Centennial, Zeus, Magnum, Nugget and Cascade.

We finished installing the water circulation pipes and the air bubblers for the new aquaponics trough. We have had it filled and circulating to make sure the pump and pipes are sized OK. We currently have it powered by an extension cord. My attempt to tie into an underground wire that leads to a water pump failed to take into account that the wire was only energized when the pump was running ... duhhh. So we may stick with the extension cord rather than renting a trencher and installing more underground power lines this fall.

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