A few freezing nights took out the tops of the Ulluco that we were trialing in potato bags this year. One of the plants didn’t produce but the other two gave about eleven ounces of tubers. Not a large amount, but enough to try a meal with them and have a few for starts next year. They grew fairly well and without pests.

We managed to bury the electric line going to the tea hoop house and extending to the second Aquaponics system in the orchard hoop house and wired in a few outlets.

We built the new larger winter box frame and lined it with two inch rigid insulation. The seven month old tea seedlings in conetainers are still looking good and have been placed in the winter box.

A few heat mats were added. The insulation was leftover scrap pieces from the original Aquaponics insulation as you can see from the strips on the bottom (that allow us to water the tea seedling in place with easy runoff). We’re still undecided about a semi-permanent lid for the box made of a transparent material for light. It would help hold moisture and allow the mats to be temperature controlled. The only down side is that such a top would not provide much insulation. And if we manually cover and uncover the top with an insulation layer, do we really need another lid?

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