Having caught up with chores, I thought a great activity for New Year’s Eve would be to cut a trail up the hillside behind the house and attempt to locate one of the property corners. We hope to start clearing an area above the house for the tea and that will require the property line to be located. Luckily there was a survey as recent as 2003 and that survey included GPS coordinates for the property corner (less fortunate was the fact that the survey was done to log a section of the hillside above us).

Using a PDF version of a topo map snippet provided by the Forest Service and a detailed topo map of our property created by Hoda Tahami at OSU (with thanks to Jihye Park and Michael Olsen for helping to make that happen) along with the GPS in an iPad, I was able to work my way to within about forty feet of the corner where I spotted a number of ribbons and a survey placard on a tree. The actual iron pipe was almost hidden under the roots of the alder but finally relinquished it’s location and verified its identity.

One down, seven to go along that edge of the property. The large number of points is due to the fact that the property encompasses two tax lots (hence three points on that edge) and that there is a one acre cemetery that bumps into that edge of the property (adds four more points that need located).

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