I had heard that Oregon Black Truffles mature into June, but since I was always told they were a winter mushroom I was a bit skeptical. About a week ago I pulled one of the trail cam chips that was located in the stand of truffle trees. I saw squirrels, raccoons, possums, coyotes and elk. The most frequent visitor was the possum (or possums). It/they seemed to do a grid pattern across the ground. I haven't actually had a pic showing a possum eating a truffle, but they are there way too often to just be out for a walk.

I walked through the trees again today and again saw holes that seemed fairly fresh. I poked my fingers into four of them to verify that most were short, dead-ended holes, indicating that something was dug up. In one of the holes, I found another fresh Oregon Black Truffle that appeared to be half eaten and then left behind. It was ripe and smelled great! As the half that was left weighed about four tenths of an ounce, maybe a mouse dug it up and couldn't finish it.

In any case, I have proof positive (for me) that Black Truffles mature at least into May!

I cut off the chewed section, cleaned the remaining half and added to a baggie with a stick of butter in it to make some truffle butter. Yum! Thanks, truffle thief.

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