As previously mentioned, I have One Wire temperature sensors connected to a ControlByWeb X300 using a series of splitters to connect each sensor back to the One Wire input on the X300.

I had originally isolated the LAN line going to the sensor hanging above the South trough as bad when it stopped working some weeks back. Bypassing the LAN line and plugging the sensor into the LAN socket caused it to work again. I went through the Aqua house and put some food grade grease in each of the LAN connections for the temperature sensors at that time, thinking the contacts were likely getting corroded.

Now, weeks later, I started losing temperature sensors again. A couple would fail, then all of them would go out ... then they would start working again later in the day. I first thought the X300 web appliance was going bad since all of the temps would go out when the house got hot, then come back on when it cooled down later in the day. Yesterday I pretty much lost all of the sensors for most of the day and none returned by this morning.

I started by plugging one sensor directly into the X300 ... and it started working ... displaying that sensor's temperature. However, when I plugged in the rest of the temp probes, even that directly attached probe died. Since the large fish tank sensor was the first to go out, I disconnected it and all of the rest of the sensors started working.

After plugging that tank sensor in directly and having it work, I tried connecting a different LAN line to the sensor that caused it to shut down once again. Each temperature sensor has wires that are a couple of feet long and are wired into a male LAN connector that can plug directly into the splitters attached to the X300. But when I need to extend the distance from the splitter to the sensor location I have to use an Inline Rj45 Keystone Wall Coupler adapter since most LAN cables are male to male.

It turns out that two of those Keystone connectors have gone bad, one of which was on the large tank LAN line. Once that was replaced, and the original South trough air temperature sensor had the LAN line and the Keystone coupler replaced, everything is working normally again. Possibly the large tank Keystone got moist enough that it shorted the line and that in turn made it impossible for the X300 to read any of the sensors on that line. The reason I suggest it was probably a short is that the South trough air sensor had a bad Keystone coupler as well that caused it to stop working, but that didn't affect any of the other sensors.

I'm not sure it would be worth the time and expense to replace all of the LAN connectors with watertight connectors, but I may consider that as a backup plan if I continue to have too many problems with the sensors in the future. The temperature sensors were set up at the beginning of 2014 so they have been functioning over three years in a very humid environment with large temperature fluctuations and with no protection other than the grease I added to the connectors earlier this year. So I might try a maintenance program of re-greasing the LAN connectors every six months.

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