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Our small stand of Douglas Fir trees are still producing some truffles. Oddly, we found one Black Truffle at the end of July, and two others in the middle of August. They are darn near popping up year 'round!

We usually only find those that have already been dug up by some critter since we don't have a truffle dog, and most of those found have been partially eaten. Our daughter's little yappy dog has been staying with us. Although he has had no training, he has begun to find some truffles.

We started by just walking him through the trees. Any time he stopped to smell a hole, if we though it was where a truffle was dug out, we complimented him. At first we found the truffles, let him smell them, them complimented him and gave him a treat. Now he searches for them ... mostly ... as he is rather spastic most of the time . He has found about a dozen so far although almost all have been exposed to some extent on the surface. He has managed to find two or three that were completely covered but shallow. Most of the surface truffles he has found have been past their prime. One large one was immature, and of course, will never mature once removed. Still, it's a little promising. And we have found several White Truffles in the Black Truffle tree patch.4