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Gopher Damage

Well, it was bound to happen. A gopher found my tea trees in the orchard. I decided it was a gopher when I found one of the tea trees toppled over with nothing but a stump at the bottom. These were tea plants that I bought live from Camellia Forest Nursery years back. They were at least four years old. So far the gopher has eaten all of the roots off of three of them, and most of the roots off of a fourth. As you can see I've been trying to dig up the holes and burn sulfur into them and set traps, but have had little luck.

I decided to try to take some cuttings from the destroyed plants to see if I could get any to root, even though it is not an opportune time for that. I also bought some road flares and hope to blow them through the tunnels in the future. Right now he seems to have either moved out or slowed his eating.