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Odds and Ends, Wasabi, Alder and Porter

We had purchased a few wasabi plants to see how they would fare here. One of three is still alive and pretty happy ... when given the right conditions. The other two met their demise from too much sun early on. The location selected for the sixty wasabi plants we ordered is a wooded, north facing hollow that has a high ridge above and to the west. This will afford a very shady area year 'round. The spring above sends a constant, small, flow of water down to the creek even in the middle of summer.

Earlier rains allowed a mature Alder beside the road to uproot and fall across our row of tea plants. Many of our mature Alders are well over forty years old. Although this one landed right between the two sets of seedlings and didn't damage a single plant, it had provided a great deal of shade in the summer. We'll have to see if the older plants can adapt to the hotter conditions.

These seedlings are not strangers to adversity. This same patch of tea has been subjected to other hazards through the winter including grazing by bunnies, elk and the neighbor’s cows (that pretty much denuded one four year old plant overnight).

The last three tea plants that were living in the Aquaponics house have been removed and transplanted up onto the hillside above the house. Although they survived a fairly long time in the trough, they were never really happy with the intense sunlight, perhaps.

And we finally started the first one-gallon batch of our Baltic Porter that went very well. The first week's fermentation went strongly and the large quantities of grain and hops left a lot of sediment. It has been racked after the first week but still has more than a week more before it can be bottled.