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One Thousand In-Ground Tea Plants!

Adding another 143 tea seedlings transplanted into the ground today brought our 'in-ground' total above one thousand plants!
Although it is certainly a meager amount for most tea farmers, we are quite happy to have reached that small milestone ourselves. The hillside clearing and planting has been put on hold due to time constraints ... and my endurance :-). We really need to get a lot of the existing seedlings planted out quickly so that we can start transplanting the newly hatched seeds into Deeppots by mid-summer.

The pictures above show the first of the lower areas cleared, located adjacent to our front field. This picture is the second area. Much, much easier, as you can probably see.

The pic to the right, and those below, show the second 'plot' (same as just above, but partially planted) located close to the house at the other end of that front field, and that is the area currently being planted. We still have room for maybe another 150 to 200 plants there.