2nd Annual Free Knock
Croquet Event
Small farm
tracking demo!

2nd Annual Free Knock Croquet Event

Small farm tracking demo!

Oregon TruffleTryst Farm
The Oregon Truffle Tryst Aquaponics Farm will be an organically certified vegetable and herb farm. It is currently under construction and still in startup mode.
Last Pic Taken: 2021-07-23 17:23
Inside: 78°   Water: 69°   Outside: 72°
Temps recorded at 07/23/2021 17:40

Oregon TruffleTryst Truffière
The Oregon Truffle Tryst Truffière is an attempt to create an Oregon Black Truffle truffière. Innoculated trees have been growing for about eight years.

Oregon TruffleTryst MycoCollars
The OTT MycoCollar is an organic, sustainable and compostable alternative to plastic plant supports for primarily water-based growing systems.
Oregon TruffleTryst Tea Experience
Oregon Truffle Tryst Farms is proud to announce the beginnings of our newest niche crop. We will be producing our own variety of dark, or black tea from our own locally grown and harvested tea plants. The diverse biota and aged forest soils in the Oregon Coast Range add their unique flavor and character to our fermented tea, both young and aged.

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Just Say No To GMO by Michael Adams

Song Lyrics
Song by Mike Adams, with spoken lines from Jeffrey Smith

I’m lookin at the food that’s in the grocery store
They say it’s safe, everybody eat more.
On second thought, I don’t really know if it’s made with those GMOs

So I’m lookin for the non-GMO label ‘fore I bring it home and put it on my table
I wanna know it’s verified so I don’t
Harm myself with genetically modified

They don’t want you to know
All the poison they grow
The corporate profits they show from those GMO OH

Those Frankenseeds that they sow
They’re gonna hurt us we know
It’s time we told ‘em to go, say GMO NO!

I don’t want eat poison, I don’t want gene mutations at my dinner reservations
it’s a food abomination what they doin’ to this fast food nation
They take artificial gene combinations
inject them in seed variations
so they can grow their Frankenfood imitations
while the side effects cause medical patients

Keep their profits alive while they
spraying all the food with name brand herbicides
and all the while they’re spreadin’ their lies
Monsanto (Bayer now!) destroyin’ farmers lives
and the FDA keeps it all going
saying it’s safe even though they all know it’s just
poison stealing away your life, and that’s what you eat with genetically modified.

GMO safety huh that’s a corporate myth
if you don’t believe me listen to Jeffery Smith
He’s the man with plan gonna do what he can
To help us all get those GMOs banned
But we need you to lend a hand
take a stand against this food scam
It’s a mission for the health condition worldwide
We don’t wanna live genetically modified

Don’t eat food unless you know what’s in it
Don’t believe the propaganda cuz the press will spin it
Affects everybody, we all up in it
Stand up to Monsanto (Bayer now!), tell ‘em oh no you didn’t

Reject Frankenfoods in the store
demand honest labels so we can be informed
We have a natural right to know
What we buyin’ Just say no to GMO

Before our farms start dyin’
Just say no to GMO

Those corporate crooks are lyin’
Just say no to GMO

This time we’re not complyin’
Just say no to GMO

We’re just not buyin’ it
Just say no to GMO

Song and Lyrics © 2010 by Michael Adams, All Rights Reserved

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