Oregon TruffleTryst Aquaponics Farm
Oregon TruffleTryst Aquaponics Farm
Last Pic Taken: 2020-09-28 07:00
Inside: 55°   Water: 50°   Outside: 52°
Temps recorded at 11/24/2020 12:50
Construction Information (last updated: Tue Sep 22)
Construction notes along with an album of construction pictures is available by clicking any of this gold text. The Oregon Truffle Tryst Aquaponics Farm is currently under construction, but also in startup mode. An album of more general pictures of the property (as opposed to just the Aquaponics system pictures) is available at this link to the Gophercreek website.
Available Crops (please read the note below)
The Oregon Truffle Tryst Aquaponics Farm will eventually have available crops for sale posted to this website. Clicking on any of this silver text will bring you to that page of available crops. But, please note that although the available crops page shows real and current information, we are still in startup mode, our production is still inconsistent, and any (or all) of the crops shown may not be actually available to purchase. This page will be updated when they are available for regular purchase.

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