Oregon TruffleTryst Tea Experience Oregon TruffleTryst Tea Experience

Our Tea Experience is a slowly evolving attempt to organically grow tea while offering local and interactive tea events including "old world" tea processing.   Some tea pictures are linked here.

Oregon Truffle Tryst Farm is working on establishing a tea crop. We will be producing our own variety of tea from our own locally grown and harvested tea plants. The diverse biota and aged forest soils in the Oregon Coast Range add their unique flavor and character to our tea, both young and aged. A unique micro-climate and pristine Coastal forest soils establish our unique terroir1 and, along with an attempt at 'old world' processing, it is certain to invoke a variety of surprisingly distinctive and pleasant flavors to be savored on any tea tasting occasion.

Our processes of fermentation involve microbial fermentation and oxidation of the tea leaves, after they have been dried and rolled. The best known variety of this type of tea is Pu-erh tea originating from the Yunnan Province whose century’s old traditional process will be roughly emulated for some of our Truffle Tryst tea production. Pu-erh tea is used for improving mental alertness and sharp thinking. It is also used for reducing high cholesterol2.

Our tea leaves are/will be hand plucked, withered in the sun, rested, placed in a wok and fired, cooled, hand rolled, scattered on mats to dry in the sun, manually sorted and picked clean of any debris or larger leaves, and then finally either packaged, or steamed and pressed into cakes (or into bamboo). Pressed cakes will dry and age in one of our cellars dug into the Coastal hillside for an indeterminate period of time depending on the tea's aging qualities.

Our directly sowed seeds from roughly two years ago did not do well. There are perhaps twenty or so plants out of the 800 to 1000 seeds sown. We now have about one hundred and thirty, two-year-old tea plants in the ground. We have another five hundred and eighty seedlings that were started in 2018 ready for transplant this spring. We have an additional fifteen hundred and seventy Nepal seedlings that were started last year. We are undecided how many of those will get transplanted this spring. And we have about 4000 seeds that were sown over this past winter ready to germinate with the warming weather. We have toyed with the idea of a crowd funding event in order to purchase more one, or two-year-old live seedlings to add diversity to our colection.

We did our first tiny harvest on June 8th of 2019. We only had about a pound of leaves to process but made a white tea, a Moonlight white tea, a raw puerh, and two black teas.

1.) For our use of the word terroir we have replaced “wine” with “tea” in this succinct explanation: At every tea tasting, especially those comparing "old world" tea to "new world" teas, the inevitable question of terroir arises. terroir is a French term that literally translated means: earth, or soil. However, there is no such thing as a literal translation of anything French. In a larger context, tea tasters try to define terroir as the specificity of place, which has come to include not only the soil in a region, but also the climate, the weather, the aspect of the tea plants and anything else that can possibly differentiate one piece of land from another. (http://www.musingsonthevine.com/tips_ter1.shtml, 08/12/2016)

2.) Uses of Pu-erh tea taken from the WebMD website: https://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-1169-pu-erh%20tea.aspx?activeingredientid=1169&activeingredientname=pu-erh%20tea

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Just Say No To GMO by Michael Adams

Song Lyrics
Song by Mike Adams, with spoken lines from Jeffrey Smith

I’m lookin at the food that’s in the grocery store
They say it’s safe, everybody eat more.
On second thought, I don’t really know if it’s made with those GMOs

So I’m lookin for the non-GMO label ‘fore I bring it home and put it on my table
I wanna know it’s verified so I don’t
Harm myself with genetically modified

They don’t want you to know
All the poison they grow
The corporate profits they show from those GMO OH

Those Frankenseeds that they sow
They’re gonna hurt us we know
It’s time we told ‘em to go, say GMO NO!

I don’t want eat poison, I don’t want gene mutations at my dinner reservations
it’s a food abomination what they doin’ to this fast food nation
They take artificial gene combinations
inject them in seed variations
so they can grow their Frankenfood imitations
while the side effects cause medical patients

Keep their profits alive while they
spraying all the food with name brand herbicides
and all the while they’re spreadin’ their lies
Monsanto (Bayer now!) destroyin’ farmers lives
and the FDA keeps it all going
saying it’s safe even though they all know it’s just
poison stealing away your life, and that’s what you eat with genetically modified.

GMO safety huh that’s a corporate myth
if you don’t believe me listen to Jeffery Smith
He’s the man with plan gonna do what he can
To help us all get those GMOs banned
But we need you to lend a hand
take a stand against this food scam
It’s a mission for the health condition worldwide
We don’t wanna live genetically modified

Don’t eat food unless you know what’s in it
Don’t believe the propaganda cuz the press will spin it
Affects everybody, we all up in it
Stand up to Monsanto (Bayer now!), tell ‘em oh no you didn’t

Reject Frankenfoods in the store
demand honest labels so we can be informed
We have a natural right to know
What we buyin’ Just say no to GMO

Before our farms start dyin’
Just say no to GMO

Those corporate crooks are lyin’
Just say no to GMO

This time we’re not complyin’
Just say no to GMO

We’re just not buyin’ it
Just say no to GMO

Song and Lyrics © 2010 by Michael Adams, All Rights Reserved

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