Oregon TruffleTryst Farm Oregon Truffle Tryst Farm

The Oregon TruffleTryst Farm (OTTF) is located in the Oregon Coast Range, in a forested area. Toledo, OR is about twelve miles away along a gravel logging road. We are about an hour away from the valley (Corvallis), about five miles south of Hwy 20, and about twelve miles line of sight from the coast.

Mailing Address:

        P.O. Box 557
        Blodgett, OR 97326-0557


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We have been attempting, for a number of years, to bootstrap our farm into a desireable Agritourism destination. We are doing this the old fashioned way with our own limited resources, and without any type of loans. That also means we are personally doing all of the labor and construction ourselves and every project, of course, takes much, much more time than we expect. Results are always nice, but it is the journey that is the most fulfilling.


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