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We would like to be self sustaining, although we are nowhere near that possibility. But we are always striving for those self-made goods that we find special or enjoyable. Drinks are one of those areas of goods that I think we ought to be able to create something exceptional. For instance, I drink coffee regularly and I toss in a dash or two of Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters with every cup. Now there is nothing wrong with those bitters, and I find they substantially improve the taste of my coffee. At the same time, I feel I should be able to not only create my own bitters, but create them with my own unique flavors that I find even more enticing than those I can buy at a store.
To that end we have previously made vermouth, beer, mead, etc. With respect to bitters and vermouth, we need a variety of flavors with which to experiment. So we started making our own tinctures using various herbs, fruit, spices, etc. That, of course, is the easy part. The real work comes from testing and combining flavors in just the right amounts to create something special.

That is the artistic part of the process and without it there is no reason to even think about creating at all. It is likely I may lack even the most rudimentary artistic talent, so I expect to rely heavily on Stephanie helping out with that part of the process.